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Written by on March 9, 2019

All Seven Days was born of a felt need that the churchgoer of today is being left out of the conversation, sermons are more self-help than gospel, and self-worth is valued over God’s worth.
Here at All Seven Days, the goal is not to get you to think better about yourself but to think so highly of God that you forget about yourself. From this attitude, we will willingly take up our cross and lay down our lives for others for the sake of the gospel.
So when we take questions from podcast listeners or write blog posts, our goal is to first and foremost show God as most valuable, use scripture as a basis for our responses and stances, and love you enough to tell you the truth. We pray that the result of all this would not be imparting information or giving you action steps to take, but worship. And from an attitude of worship, clinging to our most valuable possession, we can boldly give that possession to all who would receive it and joyfully accept the persecution of those that don’t.
We ask for two things. First, would you subscribe to the All Seven Days podcast? You can find us on Apple, Google, Spotify, and many other platforms.
Second, we would love to hear from you today and get your feedback and field your questions. You can contact us in several ways:

If you find All Seven Days to be an encouragement, we also ask that you support us by becoming a monthly sponsor. Just $5 or $10 per month will go a long way to paying for web hosting and production costs.

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