Written by on May 9, 2019

This humble podcast and ministry seem to be moving in ways we never dreamed, and now we must look ahead at what’s needed going forward.  Web hosting, production costs, and now potential legal fees are looming. Don’t get me wrong – none of these are bad things. They are simply growing pains. But in order to grow this ministry and move forward, we’re going to need your help.

  • Web hosting is an ongoing cost related to servers, domain registration, and website upkeep.
  • Production costs include software and hardware for recording podcasts.
  • Now legal fees for the potential of filing All Seven Days as a 501(c)(3) organization are just ahead.
  • Finally, there are other considerations in the works such as a daily devotional podcast and other publications we are looking into.

Bottom line, we’re asking for your help. Would you consider a one-time donation of any amount to help defer some of these costs (See the “Add Donation” button below)? Or click the “Shop” link in the menu above and become a monthly supporter of the podcast.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


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