Memorial Day

Written by on May 24, 2019

This weekend, for most, has become the start of summer and will include grilling, a day off on Monday, and some probably much needed R&R. But I just ask that you think for at least a while about a few things.

1 – That there are millions of graves of Americans those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so you could enjoy this weekend as you see fit.

2 – That there are millions of family members and friends of those who died that are looking at this weekend as something more solemn. Proud of those they knew and what they’ve done, but also wishing it was not so. They will shed tears of joy and sorrow this weekend.

3 – That there are millions more brave ones out there currently serving away from family and friends willing to make this same sacrifice if necessary to keep our nation free.

Thank you to all that serve and to those that love and support them. You are the backbone of our nation and we are grateful. We pray for you all today.

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