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Written by on January 26, 2019

Welcome to All Seven Days. My name is Stan Fields and we are here to try to help you see God’s glory on display in all things. We will try to do this through Blogs, Podcasts, and Social Media.

Now how will it work?

You will suggest a topic or pose a question to All Seven Days, and if deemed worthy of a response, we’ll address it on the show or in a blog or both and it will be shared on all our social media sites. (See the links at the top right of all pages on the web site.

There are several ways you can communicate with us here at the All Seven Days. You can call 864-660-9473.  You can email us at ask@allsevendays.com. Or you can go to allsevendays.com and click on the “Ask Us” link and fill in the form. In your message, please include your name, phone number, email address, and most importantly your topic or question. We will only use your first name on the air if we decide to use your question unless you specifically state you want to remain anonymous. The ONLY reason we ask for your phone number and email address is so we can notify you if we’re going to use your question in an upcoming post and possibly follow up with you if we need more clarity on what you’re asking or maybe even invite you on the podcast to continue the discussion.

If you call the number, I WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. Just leave a message with your name, phone number, email address, and question. I’ll check the messages daily and keep a record of our interactions together.

So what makes me qualified to speak on any topic or question you might bring up?

Absolutely nothing. I’m 53 years old. I’m a product manager by trade specializing in the software industry. I’m a husband to Pam. We are parents of two children, a son, Cody, a daughter, Hanna. Both are married, and we have one granddaughter by Hanna who is turning three in June and another granddaughter still in the oven that we expect to meet in May. I am a cyclist. I am a musician. I am a cancer survivor. I am a former youth minister. I am a current small group leader and teacher at my church. And as you might have picked up by my last couple of bullet points, I am a Christian. So nothing I tell you has any authority behind it EXCEPT that I have some life experience AND I’m a student of the Bible. I do NOT interpret the Bible by my life experiences. I let the Bible stand on its own, and try to filter my worldview through it.

So what’s the point here, Stan? Why are you doing this?

As a Christian, I believe we have one overriding purpose in life and that is to glorify God. And the way we tend to view God most often keeps us from doing that. We tend to ask self-centered questions rather than looking into what God might be trying to accomplish. My aim on this podcast is to take our circumstances and life experiences and show how God uses them to bring himself glory. Does that mean I have all the answers? I’ve already told you, I have no qualifications to answer any of these questions. But I know the One who does and I think together with prayer and some searching of the scriptures, we can come to some pretty powerful and life-giving conclusions.

So, do you have a question about parenting, scripture, career, hobbies, marriage, worship, church, small groups, prayer, relationships, life? Send them in and let’s see where it leads. We hope to air the first podcast in a couple of weeks. Hit me up at 864-660-9473 or ask@allsevendays.com or go to allsevendays.com and click the “Ask Us” link. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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